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Call of Juarez "Nuggets of Truth" Külçelerin Yerleri ve Hileler

Bu yazımızda sizlere Call of Juarez oyunundaki her bölüm için külçelerin yerlerinin listesini vereceğiz. Henüz Türkçe'ye çevirmedim o yüzden takıldığınız bir yer olursa yorum yaparak bildirebilirsiniz. En kısa zamanda sorununuz çözülecektir. Herhangi oyun için hile yada geçemediğiniz bölümlerin açıklamasına ihtiyacınız varsa sayfanın altında yorum seçeneği ile yorum yaparak ekibimize bildirebilirsiniz. Yazılarımızdan haberdar olmak için facebook sayfamızı beğenebilirsiniz.
Call of Juarez Nuggets of Truth Yerleri:
Once Upon A Time in Stinking Sands
·         Nugget of Truth #1: After learning how to use concentration and fighting through the front entrance of the homestead, which is currently blocked by a cart, you’ll need to duck into a wooden shack on the left marked by a rusty sheet of metal. The collectible is just left of the metal.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: Entering the farmhouse from the back door, take the stairs up and enter the first room through the open door to find the collectible on a nightstand to the left.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Fighting through the barn and reaching the exterior of the stables, you’ll find the collectible on a post to the left of the dirt path.
A Fistful of Hot Lead
·         Nugget of Truth #1: Near the beginning of the level, after leaving your cell check out the barred cell to the right to find the first nugget.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: After stepping off the rooftops and crossing the rocky ledge, you’ll reach a back entrance back into town. Instead of going through the fence, stick to the rock wall and move left to find an open shack with the secret to the left of an ammunition cache.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: After fighting through the shacks and taking a turn left to enter a machine shop guarded by two shooters, look on the large gear to find this collectible before climbing the ladder to continue forward.
·         Nugget of Truth #4: The last collectible is found inside a bar to the right of the clock tower down the main street of the town. Look for open windows to see which building can be entered.
A Bullet for the Old Man
·         Nugget of Truth #1: After escaping the bandit ambush and running into the caves, look on the right for a campsite. Inside the tent, you’ll find the first nugget.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: When you’re cornered, ammo will drop off a body that appears. Once the bandits are chased off, backtrack up the rocks you came and stick to the right rock wall. Look for an alcove to the right to find this collectible.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Reaching the large hill where Clanton has you pinned with a gatling gun, run to the left side and look on the rock wall to find the last collectible near the top.
Gunfight at the Sawmill
·         Nugget of Truth #1: At the start, follow the rock path on the left side of the river toward a fallen tree. The nugget is hanging off one of the tree’s broken branches.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: After defeating a few close-combat enemies armed with axes, you’ll take a ramp down into a flooded area with a small building to the left. Interact with the door to open it and find the collectible on a desk straight ahead.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Once inside the sawmill proper, you’ll need to deal with Shielders and regular shooters, look for a building with a ladder on one side. Explore the left side, near the fence, to find this collectible on a barrel.
·         Nugget of Truth #4: Later in the mission, Silas Greaves will talk about how beautiful the view is when you’re on a walkway overlooking the picturesque valley below. Look for a rocking chair nearby with the nugget.
The Magnificent One
·         Nugget of Truth #1: At the start of the level, look left down the road for a pit guarded by a single enemy. Sneak up behind and knock him out, then climb into the pit through ladders below. Inside the cave, there’s a room with ammo caches and a nugget.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: After taking a turn right to explore a large complicated mine network, you’ll enter a room with multiple tiers to explore. Maneuver your way up to about the center of the room, where a nugget is waiting at the end of a precarious wooden board.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Entering a room full of explosives, and guarded by two bandits, look left of the entrance to find a collectible inside a wooden crate.
·         Nugget of Truth #4: Returning to the scaffolding after leaving the mines, you’ll have the option to take an elevator or climb ladders. Climb one ladder up, then use the rocky outcropping to reach another wooden area of scaffolding with the nugget placed on a single beam of wood.
Be Quick or Dead
·         Nugget of Truth #1: Right at the start, before entering the saloon through the front door, climb the ladder on the side and jump in through the nearby open window to enter a room with the collectible inside.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: Rewinding, move down the hill until encountering a small camp of bandits with a few bovine waiting off to the side. The collectible is near the pitched tent.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Continuing towards the rocks, you’ll find another camp nestled between two craggy walls. The collectible is at this camp, sitting on a brown blanket.
·         Nugget of Truth #4: Not so far away from the second camp, you should be able to spot a water tower with a ladder. Climb up and look on the railings to find another hat.
·         Nugget of Truth #5: Back in turn, look for a path leading right to enter a blacksmith shop, with the collectible hat sitting on a small trunk in one corner, left of an oven.
·         Nugget of Truth #6: Behind the saloon, there’s a water tower. Climb a ladder on the building before reaching the saloon to reach a roof, and follow the planks to get onto the water tower. Climb up and grab the collectible at the top.
Dances With Renegades
·         Nugget of Truth #1: After crossing the rickety bridge over the river and encountering enemies, enter the building to the left of the main to find a collectible inside.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: Stick to the left wall after entering the caves lit with torches. Stay left will lead Silas to a room full of ammo, with a collectible on a rock shelf on the left side of the chamber.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Before dropping into the water-filled arena, look for a long path on the right leading to a dead body with a collectible nearby.
·         Nugget of Truth #4: After fighting off the massive ambush and retreating through the path that appears, look near the rocky ledge for a dead enemy in yellow with the hat resting near his hands.
They Call Me Bounty Hunter
·         Nugget of Truth #1: Swivel around and check the bar behind you at the start of the mission before running outside.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: After changing perspectives the first time and entering the bank from the roof entrance, you’ll eventually reach a caged room with three open safes inside a room. Check the third safe on the left to find a collectible.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Fight through the town and shoot into the small homestead surrounded by shooters. After taking out the enemies, look for a metal pan inside the home to find a nugget.
Bounty Hunter is Still My Name
·         Nugget of Truth #1: Past the autumn orange trees popping out of the ground, enter the building around the barn to find a collectible on the desk.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: Taking out the enemies outside the steamboat, climb up the steps in the small two-story run down structure on the right side of the arena. The collectible is on a barrel on the second floor.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: On the second story of the steamboat wreck, explore the front end of the boat to find a collectible book on the ground near the ship wall.
Not So Great Train Robbery
·         Nugget of Truth #1: Early in the level, you’ll cross a train car wedged between two canyon walls. Walk across and down the path to find another train car to the left. Instead of going inside, check out the nicer traincar below to find a nugget between the luggage.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: Later in the level, you’ll step off the train tracks before getting back onto the wrecked train through a car full of explosives. Set off the explosives, then look on one of the open safes inside.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: After witnessing the Pinkerton posse appear then disappear, continue forward into one train car, then a second car. Look left of the entrance into the second car to find the collectible in a low metal cage.
1: 30 To Hell
·         Nugget of Truth #1: After clearing out the camp under the cover of darkness, check out the tent on the right.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: When Greaves mentions he needs to find an alternate path to reach another area of the trellis, climb a ladder next to an ammo cache, then climb down another ladder up above to reach a platform with the collectible.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: Put out the fuse, then backtrack to the room you started in. There’s a pile of boards than can be used like ramps to find a collectible book.
·         Nugget of Truth #4: During the Kid Curry encounter, you’ll need to collect dynamite from a cache using a cart as cover. Look in the crates to the right to find this collectible inside.
Death Rides a Steel Stallion
·         Nugget of Truth #1: Breaking into the second train car, deal with the Armored Shotgunner then check inside the safe before leaving. You can interact with it to get the safe open.
·         Nugget of Truth #2: Turning back time, you’ll eventually reach a point where Greaves needs to enter a train car from the open roof hatch. Jump down and look for a collectible sitting on top of a crate.
·         Nugget of Truth #3: This one is hard to miss. After the short intermission, Greaves will begin his story again. Look on the right for a bail of hay with a collectible hat.
·         Nugget of Truth #4: The last collectible is found on a poker table just as you encounter the Gatling Gunner. Look on the right and grab the collectible through the broken wooden divider.

Call of Juarez

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