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Vanessa Ceruti Nefes Kesen Resimleri

İngilizce biyografi "Vanessa Ceruti Vasquez enters the world mounted in 1986. At seven he began his education at the College of Education Waldorf, Giordano Bruno, whose educational approach addresses the individual as an indivisible whole. Teaching progressing as the life cycles of maturity.Thus, students develop, as Vanessa, a taste for the study of the world and an understanding of its phenomena, acquired through didactic not limited to the external senses. The aim is to take advantage of all its capabilities, including those found in a potential state. formative Vanessa In this context establishes its taste for the fine arts, performing arts, music, carpentry, astrology, working with the land and animals, and torque is applied to the more traditional branches of a school. It was the contention and learning environment, which led her to integrate fundamental tools when the transition to a traditional education. But unlike his colleagues, for Vanessa is also the time to face the working world and society that come together to school change. Giordano Bruno Being a school that welcomes and encourages diversity of materials, approaches and styles, appealing to the sensitivity as an integral, Vanessa naturally incorporates a fine sense of connection with others. Hence his aesthetic need not merely be a fad, but a genuine expression of his world, internal and external."

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